Flower Bouquet


Select Flowers & Art, may be the only floral/art gallery in Berkeley, CA.

Gilbert Herrera

Owner & Designer

As a romanticist, my love for flowers, their beauty and amazing colors started in high school. I’ve always appreciated art from the masters to local artists and street artists. Even though, I can’t draw a match stick person straight. My first floral business started in San Francisco on Market and Fifth Street. The name of my floral business was: ‘Taking The Fifth With Flowers.'

"Law firms and attorneys were major clients, loved the name." 

I was born and raised Native San Franciscan. Proud to be of Mexican, Cherokee Indian and French heritage! Speak fluent Spanish. I reside and am a proud business owner in the City of Berkeley. Self employed ‘Turnaround Specialist’ of sixteen years streamlining and restructuring businesses in Corporate America. Owned a few successful businesses in my journey. Started my first business as a Credit Union, Credit and Collections Specialist in the greater bay area when we were seven counties, writing two to five year business plans, policy and procedure, court appearances in Small Claims, Superior and Bankruptcy courts for my clients. 

Leaving corporate America five years ago, was the start of my journey to becoming a ‘minimalist’ and proud to say, a life changing accomplishment and very humbling! Besides reopening my floral shop/art gallery in  September 2021, my next project underway is forming a non-profit working with at risk youth teaching coding, billing, credit and collections in corporate America!



My philosophy of owning a floral shop in the City of Berkeley is to provide high quality ‘Select Flowers’ number ones and long lasting flowers! I may be the only florist in Berkeley, CA that guarantees his Ecuadorian Roses. 

Specializing in Ecuadorian Roses, to my knowledge, I’m the only florist to guarantee Ecuadorian Roses one and a half to two weeks with proper care or your money back guaranteed! 


I trade with ‘Select’ vendors at the San Francisco Flower market who offer quality flowers!



My passion is featuring local artist in the City or Berkeley, with Berkeley having a long history and plethora of artists, I want to provide opportunities showcasing unknown artists and artists waiting to showcase their art in local galleries.

Artist Jennie V. Cannon visited Berkeley in 1907, she wrote, "I could not believe my eyes, there were artists groups and displays everywhere, so many fine artists that this place surpasses San Francisco as the art capital of the West."