Anastase Suvasa


My Mission


I made my first oil painting at six years old. From that age I knew I would be an artist. My father painted metaphysical art, and I share a similar interest.  Also, I feel a need to gladden, inspire, and enlighten —sentiments that the world could use a lot more of.  The subjects and themes of my sculpture work reflect my preference to express the celestial, or the extraordinary. Mundanity is not for me.  

Most the work that I have done has been in the form of caricature.  But I avoid the brutal type of caricature that can be seen in political satire, such as what is featured in the Rolling Stones caricature magazine, although I can do that type of work.  Some of that work is featured on INSTAGRAM in “ANASTASEART”.  My best caricature work manifests with sanguine individuals who are enthusiastic about it.  I look forward to seeing their  pleased reactions, and I try to please them.  

I know that any social structure is most productive when its constituents are engaged in the propensities that are natural to them—when at the same time all share a singular sublime objective.  Therefore I realize that there is a tremendous waste of artistic talent in the world due to lack of support.  Although some may not attribute the utmost esteem for artists, it is the creativity of artists that contains liberating messages which constitute the stones in a grand, uplifting path toward the greatest good.